What qualifications do your staff hold?

Our staff are qualified to N.V.Q level 3 standard, B.T.E.C and N.E.E.B Diplomas


1 staff member is a qualified nurse and specialised in caring for children with special needs.

2 staff members who are training to level 3 standard.


All staff employed at Bethany Day Nursery are expected to work towards level 3 standard.

What are the ratios of staff to children?

Babies aged 0-2 years the ratio is 1:3

Infants aged 2-3 years the ratio is 1:4

Pre-school aged 3-5 years the ratio is 1:8

Do you have a high turnover of staff?


No.  We have a lot of long serving staff who as the nursery has grown and developed have continued to be with us.


4 members of staff who have been here for 8 or more years.

3 members of staff who have been here 6 years and another

4 who have been with us for 4 or more years.


3 staff returned after maternity leave and had their children attend the nursery until they reached school age.

What nursery meals do you provide?


We provide breakfast which is cereal and/or toast, two course lunch which consist of a meal and a pudding and a light tea.


We provide fruit, milk and water throughout the day.


We also provide special diets for those who request them such as dairy/egg free and a vegetarian option.

What do we need to bring with us for our child?


Babies will need to bring bottles either in separate powder form or ready made bottles for us to store.


We need a change of clothes and in the summer a sun hat and sun cream, in the winter hat, scarf and gloves.


From toddler age we ask you to bring in a pair of wellies for outdoor use.


We provide all weather suits for the children as well as all nappies and wipes.


What facilities do you have for the children to sleep?


Babies up to 16/18 months have their own quiet separate sleep area.


Toddlers 18 months to 3 years have a relaxing sleep room where they sleep on their own individual sleep mats with blankets.

Do you provide flexible childcare?


We will when possible do our very best to meet parents requests for changes in their childcare needs where there is availability and staff to child ratio.

Are fees still payable if my child is sick or on holiday?


Yes, however, 2 weeks nursery fees are charged at 50%


On the anniversary of the child’s start date a refund of 50% for 2 weeks fees will be paid by cheque.