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The Early Years curriculum is implemented throughout the nursery.  This was introduced by the government and became statutory from September 2008.


This single document will guide and enable high standards to be achieved by staff implementing the E.Y.F.S throughout Bethany Day Nursery and it will form the basis for Ofsted requirements and inspections.


It contains four principles which the framework ensures that the ‘child’ as an individual is the central focus.

A Unique Child

Positive Relationships

Enabling Environments

Learning And Development

E.Y.F.S. Six Areas Of Learning


•   Communication - Language and Literacy


•   Mathematical Development


•   Knowledge and Understanding of the World


•   Creative Development


•   Physical Development


•   Personal, Social and Emotional Development


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Unique Children

We recognise that each child is an individual and we access and plan activities accordingly around the child’s interest and stage of development.


We aim to provide children with opportunities both indoors and outdoors to ‘Grow and Blossom' in all areas of their overall development and to reach their full potential.


As well as adult initiated activities throughout the day the children are also given freedom to choose activities which are of interest to them.

Learning Journals

We ensure that parents are able to access their child’s ‘Learning Journal’ through regular meetings with their child’s key worker, parent evenings. We ask parents to contribute to by bringing in photographs of family and people who are special to the children.


For children under 3 years we provide Daily Diaries that contain information about your child’s day and routines such as meal times, sleep times, nappy changing and toileting and a general picture of their child’s day and activities.  The daily handover of children both in the morning and in the evening is also used as an opportunity to share information.